Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Mission:

To the surprise of the new recruits, the disguises had been stolen by another secret agent. He left a message for his team at the scene of the crime:

Our team soon got to work figuring out the clue and checking all the towels in the kitchen. Then they went to the bathroom and asked if they could go inside behind the caution tape. (Earlier in the day, we said those areas were off limits.)  Inside the bathroom they found several more clues:

First there were tiny footprints on the toilet seat:
Behind the toilet, on a shelf, there was another note from Agent Luck E. And on the towel rack across the room, there was a strange expurgated note with chads cut out. (It is shown here smaller than the actual size to fit on the same line, but the actual one had to match the other precisely because it had to fit perfectly over the other note to reveal the right letters.)

The next clue was: Use to see Wii or a DVD.  That was the T.V. room, and again the kids asked if they could go behind the caution tape. Taped to the wall at the entrance of this room was another clue.  

On the T.V. table is a hollowed out copy of gone with the wind that held an outlet tester. On the little chair is a set of colored pencils in rainbow order that held two safe keys. One of the outlets in the room is actually an outlet safe. The black balloons held little pieces of paper that spelled out OUTLET if placed in rainbow order.The new recruits found the keys and outlet tester first. When the recruits started popping the balloons it sounded like fireworks. Very funny. Best activity of the day. Dr. Monkey's Dad came into the act after the rainbow order was discovered to show the agents how to test outlets to see if they were "hot" or not. 
Above is a picture of the room before the agents went in.
This is the hollowed out book:

The book held the outlet tester device,  The recruits thought the key in the rainbow box was to use the pencils to pop the balloons. That worked well, but when they found the wall safe they realized they still needed the real key from the pencil box to open the safe. When the agents opened the outlet safe, they found gummy bunny teeth which they started to eat right away.  There was also another note from Agent Luck E.

To be continued...

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