Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spy Party: The Desserts

During the party, the snacks were wholesome, but before we sent our little spies home, we loaded them up with sugar. We had a bomb cake, bomb brownie pops, all sorts of candies, chocolate dipped cherry bombs, jello parfait, Watergate salad, pots of gold, chocolate mustache pops, swirl lollipops, gummy worms, gummy bears, apple rings, now and laters, jolly ranchers, green bunny peeps, sour punch straws, Oreos, gumballs, sixlets. Because it was a spy party on St. Patrick's day, they were all in shades of green and black.

I didn't get any shots before the table had been picked through a bit. The decorations, a passport, compass and magnifying glass, had been moved from their original locations and the uppermost banner had been knocked down and I didn't notice right away because we were all looking at the cake. 
I cut out the little triangles and rectangles from the paper place mats and cut circles and squares around printed letters for the banners.  This took a long time and with everyone moving around in the room the little flags kept shifting. Next time I will tape them in position. 


  1. This most certainly was a fantastic party. I love the banners.

  2. Everything is so exact. The bomb cake must have been a great success. You should go into the party business. I loved everything.