Monday, April 1, 2013

The Mission Part II

There were gummy bunny teeth inside the outlet safe with the clue shown below:

This clue led them to another laser field that had snaps (small friction sensitive explosives) on the pavement between the lasers. This was funny because the kids thought the field looked really easy and then they would hit a snap and bang, they would all start laughing. Some of the kids had to run back inside for their shoes that they had left at the door. After they all got through the mine field, they had to find the right sprinkler that held the next clue.

After they found it, we paused for dinner. Perfect timing.

The clue in the sprinkler used one of the codes from their training. The clue sent the kids off to find the correct Dr. Pepper can from among a group of cans on the table.  
Several shaken cans and fountains of erupting sodas later, we had the clue. 
We played the "pass the bomb" version of hot potato. We spaced the recruits approximately 15 to 25 feet apart around the yard and set the timer for anywhere from 20 seconds to 4 minutes. When the timer went off, the one holding it was sent to the informant for a secret hint as to the vault combination. 
Dr. Monkey and  Black Monogram are shown breaking into the vault below.  The informant almost always got the first guess wrong.  Oops, instead of a disguise the agent released a flour cloud, but when the second punch was done, the agent found disguise glasses.  These were from target and often broke from vigorous vault punching.

Above to the right are some unicorns wearing their noses upside down.

The second bomb in the clue was the pinata.  This was tough to break and we had to bring out the baseball bat to finish the deed. Inside this pinata were pieces to a puzzle that had the last clue.

At the piano, there were green bowler hats and the following message:
Hooray, the agents defeated the mischievous leprechaun and won their slightly altered disguises.  They ran into the sun room to find the dessert table ready with yummy treats, their evidence to destroy.  The desserts are highlighted on a previous post. 

We had a wonderful time preparing and enjoying this party. Dr. Monkey was completely surprised by the mission. We had disappearing ink and a password station that I forgot to point out before the mission began and we didn't get around to making badges with their code names. Maybe we will send those with the thank you cards.