Sunday, March 24, 2013

Party Snacks

I set up the snack area in the room with the finger printing station. I used the footprint snack cups from the tutorial I pinned to the spy party board on Pinterest from :popcorn-party-cups posted by Koilie K. Thank you Kolie K.  Everyone liked these treat cups.  They were filled with popcorn, freshly popped that morning, Snapea Crisps ( a huge hit), and peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets.   On the other side of the room was an edible arrangement in a white rectangular tin of honey dew melon and green grapes, and glass cups filled with raw green veggies (asparagus, snap peas, snow peas and celery). Some had dip in the bottom; some did not. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of this area after I placed out the snacks because the guests started arriving just then. Here are the paper documents for making the snack cups:

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